FlashTray Pro 4.0

Launcher and macro utility


  • Calendar
  • Set custom window sizes
  • Character map


  • Rehash of functions available in control panel
  • Confusing Color Picker

Not bad
FlashTray is a somewhat clumsy attempt at an alternative system tray for your PC. Accessible from the taskbar, it can be opened in seconds. However the features offered in FlashTray are nothing new: recycle bin, screensaver or access to network - these are all features you can find in your Control Panel. FlashTray also includes a color picker, but we found it more confusing than anything, because of the number of drag bars and windows stuffed into the interface.

Of the somewhat handy tools we could talk about the calendar, which lets you save notes and events on any day. FlashTray also has a nice feature in the Window Sizer. This lets you create custom sizes for your different application windows. The Character Map is also somewhat handy to copy and paste characters. It offers loads of ASCII and Unicode characters.

In all, FlashTray has a few somewhat useful features, but it's not original enough to become an indispensable application in your task bar.

This program is a system tray utility packed with features:

  • A launcher for your favorite applications, documents, folders or URL's.
  • Create systemwide hotkeys that can simulate any set of keystrokes.
  • Hotkey macro language for extra functionality (eg : screenshots)
  • Extra Built-in tools : Character map, Colorpicker, Screen Magnifier,...



FlashTray Pro 4.0

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